Altar Rosary Society

MEMBERSHIP: All ladies of the parish attaining the age of 18 years and also a registered member of St. Isidore Parish.

DUES: Dues are $5.00 per year. Please use the envelope especially designated for this in your collection envelope box. Senior members 65 years of age and older are not expected to pay dues to maintain membership. Unless dues are paid, members cannot receive the special benefits of the Society at death.

MEETINGS: Meetings are held at the Marysdale site each month except for the months of January, June, July and August. The rosary is recited prior to the meeting.

MONTHLY COMMITTEES: Each regular monthly committee will consist of at least a chairlady. She will be responsible to contact her committee and they will be in charge of refreshments. If unable to work or provide refreshments, committee members will share in the costs of the refreshments and prize.

FUNDRAISING EVENT: If you cannot work the fundraiser of furnish and item, a donation of $10.00 is requested.

The monies made from the fundraisers and dues are used for the following yearly activities:

• purchases new altar linens and banners as needed, purchase chalices and ciboria, Purchase Priest's and Deacon's garments & servers

Stipends for two Masses said for living and deceased members annually.

• hosts communion breakfast every other month (except June, July and August)

• purchase flowers for First Communion, Confirmation plus $250.00 annually for each site's miscellaneous flowers.

• supervises dessert potluck for the parish mission.

• cooks and serves the Father-Son breakfast when requested.

• celebrates parish women with the Mother-Daughter breakfast.

provides rosaries and crucifixes to graduates.

• provides cookies for Red Cross bloodmobile, supervise the dessert potluck for the Parish Mission.

• co- sponsors a feather party as a fundraiser.

• makes annual donations to the Central Shares, Bryan and Defiance Community Pregnancy Center and other charitable organizations.

• provides rosaries and corsages for first communicants.

• purchase Christmas gifts for priest and deacon, provides dishcloths to parishioners at little more than cost.