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  • Landscaping at Marysdale

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Parish News

About our Parish

Our parish community shares a common history of worship in Defiance county that dates back to the 1850's. In July 2005 the two parishes of Marysdale Immaculate Conception and St Stephens, Delaware Bend merged to form Saint Isidore Parish. With the permission of the Bishop of Toledo, both worship sites were kept open and are used each week for Mass.


Be sure you check out our Parish Bulletin, updated each weekend it has the latest announcements and parish events. Our Adoration chapel is open weekly from Sunday through Friday night at Delaware bend.

Our twin parish is St Michael's Ridge located about 11 miles to the East.

St Isidore's Delaware Bend

Located on the corner of Speaker Rd and The Bend Road, 4 miles east of Sherwood. This is a beautiful old church built in the 1870s with stained glass windows and a full length mural that fills the wall behind the tabernacle.

Vigil Mass is at 4.30pm Saturdays.

St Isidore's - Marysdale

Located  8 miles NW of the city of Defiance at the corner of Glenburg road and Ohio 15. This church was built in the 1960's and is a more modern open design with a wooden ceiling.

Lord's Day Masses are at 10:00 am on Sundays